one year anniversary

I am in the process of  going through every single one of my posts and thinning things out. Gurl was running out of storage, and I updated the website and wanted to make everything streamlined. It was like going down memory lane looking through all the old posts. My first haul out, my first sail under the Golden Gate, and the simple sail to Sausalito with my neighbors that inspired me to want to circumnavigate (really, that’s all it took!!).

Life may seem sucky sometimes, but thankfully time keeps moving forward and those moments are just bumps in the road. I am so glad I have documented this inspiring adventure, the good and the bad. I realized I talked a lot about 1) desperately wanting a bigger boat, and 2) hating creepy men. Now that I have Coconut, I’ve got the bigger boat. I got her a year ago today, hence the name of the post. I’m no longer in the People’s Republic of Berkeley* either, so I’m no longer around creepy men! Seems like I got what I wanted after a shit ton of suffering hard work.

When I look around on the blog and in my daily life, I realize I have fallen madly in love with sailing. I bought a cheap wallet from Target that’s got tiny little white sailboats all over it. I hate it when cheap stuff breaks, but I also hate it when wallets don’t have cute little sailboats on them. I saw a scarf with sailboats on it and I had to have it. I got angry when I noticed how wrong a sailboat was painted on a backsplash at the Dr’s office. At any beach I’m most likely looking to see if there are spots to anchor, and surveying how protected it is. While there’s a lot that gets me excited about life, I look forward the most to many more years aboard my dear Coconut. 

  It’s good to take risks. Unless you take risks to break out of your comfort zone to try new things, your world stays small and you never know what joy you might be missing.

*Disclaimer: I have a lot of solid friendships from my time in Bezerkeley, but there are a lot of 5150’s there and it was annoying dealing with constantly.