part dos: bilge bilgeyness

I can finally use my sink again! The boat work today was successful. Not only was the seacock, or ball valve, properly removed with no damage to the thru hull, we replaced it and all is good! There aren’t any leaks anywhere, which is all you can hope for really.

If you jack up a thru hull up it can sink boat quick if the seal is broken, which happens from twisting the thru hull itself. It’s hard to remove one valve and not twist another, you know?! But Jay had it all figured out. He did it and he did it good. My diver (yes, I own him) was here and after the second wood plug failure he eventually removed the it and used his plunger to stop the water flow instead.

We did have to make one trip to the hardware store to get a nipple (tee hee!) that was rusted and corroded in the old seacock. Easy and simple fix!

I learned a lot today! First, divers use plungers to have something to help stabilize them when they’re down below scrubbing away. They slap it up against the hull and go to town. Innnteresting!!

Second, if you put a plunger over a hole below the water line, once the water inside the plunger is released you no longer have water coming in. We had to cancel the first attempt because water just kept coming in, meaning the wood plug just wasn’t plugged all the way regardless of it appeared to be or not. With no diver present (in a wetsuit who knows where the hole is and what to do) it’s hard to move forward. But today we did it! Wahoooooo!!!! A month later the project is complete 🙂

Below are pictures from today. Warning: I update the blog via the mobile site so I can’t put captions for the images, I will put them in order to show the progress.

Side note: I never would have thought I would be so happy to be able to pull in my hose to do the dishes!! It beats doing them out in the cockpit in a bucket, that’s for sure! I also was easily able to put everything away that I had pulled out this am. When I say I don’t have room for anything extra, I really don’t have room!