skin cancer

I’d written a post about keeping your skin safe while at sea, and have a bit of important information to add. I scratched my back one evening and was surprised to see blood all over my fingers. It was a hard to reach area in between and below the shoulder blades, so I couldn’t really see what was there but my guess was it was something bad.

Thankfully, in Mexico all you have to do is find the nearest hopsital, ask for the dermatologist, and make an appoitnment. It only cost $94 to remove two suspicious spots that I now know are called “actinic keratosis” in twenty minutes and zero paperwork! Basically, what I had was pre-cancer. I didn’t know that existed! I thought you just… got cancer.

The initial spot I had was a giant freckle with a dark mole on it, this is always bad and should be removed asap. Upon learning this, I realized I had several other suspicious spots to burn off. Most are flesh colored and on my face / chest. I initially thought they were acne because of the size and location. I also have this odd red flaky spot on the back of my arm. I couldn’t figure out how to get these “pimples” to go away, but they won’t because they’re not supposed to be there! If I were to develop skin cancer, it would be from these lesions. Many of us have many of these, it’s important to watch for changes. This is such important information I just had to share!

An Australian follower told me about a saying they were taught growing up, which is below in infographics.


It initially started out as “slip, slop, slap” as in, slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat.. but they added seek shade and slide on sunglasses to protect your eyes. All great ideas and a good slogan to live by.

Below are the lovely photos of the actinic keratosis.