two year anniversary

I’ve been here in the Bay Area for two years now! Wow, how life has changed!!!! My friend Steve invited me on a sail on Copernicus, and it was lovely if I do say so myself. Well, just check it out for yourself actually.

and some pics to boot 🙂


lovely days in the neighborhood

Ahh, man, I’ve been slacking on the blog posting, but to be honest I’m still trying to catch up! Two weeks of being really ill took a toll on my productivity (I had salmonella, in my blood. eek!). In between my naps and such, I have been putzing around the marina and enjoying myself somewhat.

First off, I got a chance to shave my dogs finally. Summer is here and it is HOT! They love coming with me on dinghy rides 🙂


There’s kayak polo games that happen a few times a week (much more interesting than the dragon boat racing that also happens a few times a week on my dock).


I went on a sail with my friends new (to him) Farrallon 29′, it was windy but it was also fun! My friend Steve bought this boat a few months ago and has been doing a lot of work to it, and more to be continued! Sailing adventures on S/V Copernicus!



And last but not least my neighbor Alex coordinated an Angel Island sail and BBQ! What a relaxing day that was!!

Fourth Of July is this coming Thursday, lots of people have four day weekends… not sure what it will bring but I hope it’s fun!