a boat birthday

Coconut and I survived the stormageddon. Guess what: IT’S STILL RAINING. I was born and raised in Seattle, although I haven’t lived there for 13 years. I do not miss the rain one bit. The wet weather did stop for the weekend though, which happened to be my 32nd birthday.

I usually go big for my birthday but I couldn’t this year due to the whole unemployment thing. I stayed home instead and was strangely OK with that this year.


I had my own little raft up in Sausalito for their 27th Annual Lighted Boat Parade and Fireworks show. I haven’t rafted up at Sausalito before, nor have I ever seen a lighted boat parade. Some friends from Bezerkeley came and rafted up with me. We actually joined a raft up that was already in place, many whom I know but haven’t seen in a while.



It was a great time, but my favorite part by far was the trip home. It was my first solo motor-trip, as I’m still getting used to relying on the engine and docking solo. Bear Zita and I cuddled as the engine hummed along and we enjoyed the sights of the beautiful city we live in. I’m a huge fan of seeing San Fran from the water! It’s just so beautiful. It also marks three years that I’ve been living on a boat. My oh my how life has changed 🙂