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a boat full of boats

I haven’t written anything terribly boaty for a while, so I thought this would be fun to share. A neighbor knocked on my boat one afternoon and asked if I’d “seen the boat”? Figuring there was a really beautiful wooden boat all shiny with new varnish, I was surprised to see this gigantic container ship like vessel full of other boats.

I knew people shipped their boats to and fro, I’ve never seen it in person until this day. Many non-boaters don’t understand why this is done, and the answer is simple. Sailing is really hard on boats, especially if you are going against the wind (upwind). You’re fighting every wave, and it deteriorates the value of the boat the more you do this on long passages.

If someone is selling their boat in an area far from the US (or any popular area where sailing is more common) shipping may be a part of the deal to getting the vessel closer to the new owner. You can see by the monstrous cranes this vessel is equipped to handle all kinds of boats!

This vessel was parked where the cruise ships normally are. It didn’t stay more than a day, I don’t think it unloaded all of the vessels either. It appeared as if they got an average of 3 boats splashed ever hour! Pretty wild! It was fun to watch this unfold from the docks. I tried to get video footage, but it’s terribly rolly at the end of the docks and the footage is no good.

You can see the first boat splashed was a power boat. The owners (or delivery crew) were taken to their vessel via dinghy, and within twenty minutes the top layer of wrapping had been cut off and thrown to the side so they could take off. You can see in the last photo another boat is already being hoisted! So cool! Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did. Obligatory #nerdalert