nocturnal traffic

It’s darker earlier now, I’m only sad because it means it’s getting closer to winter and it’s about to get cold and rainy. This change happened a week or so ago, and lo and behold our morning walk went something like this:

Exiting the gate: hear and see a giant raccoon climbing a tree just a few feet away, he/she sees me and I see him/her, I keep walking.

Exiting the restrooms: I hear a bunch of purr like noises coming from trees, two giant raccoons now walking towards me with no intentions of changing course. We decide to walk away from them.

Coming back from our walk: I go through the parking lot to avoid the two raccoons and head down towards the gate. I see a raccoon hiding in the tree, and then come up on a skunk (tail up) who is walking down the rocks near the gate. I walk away towards the restrooms again, hell at this point I don’t even remember how many times I ran away from the gate. I just kept seeing wild animals in the trees and rocks near the gate and I didn’t want to get sprayed or corner animals in that would hurt my babies.

Eventually we made it back to the gate, I’m hoping this isn’t something I encounter very often. I think I might bring my headlamp to scare them away next time!