bilge bilgeyness

Anyone who has gone sailing on this boat probably knows it takes on a bit of water when out on the bay. Not so much, but enough to mess everything up down below. In trying to determine the problem you have to rule out things one by one. I’ve made progress in the past year, but I still haven’t narrowed it down just yet.

Someone had asked if I am closing the valve to my sink when going sailing. I honestly didn’t even know where it was!
So I removed a few boards here and there and got to it. The thing is so rusty if I even try to close it I am sure the handle would break off. Being that this is below the water line, it’s not something I want to f/with if you know what I mean.

My diver (yes he’s mine and only mine) cleaned the bottom of my boat and while he was down there I had him plug the sink hole for me. That way I could change the ball valve out and not worry about sinking the boat. I did give it a solid attempt, but there was too much water coming out of the hoses once disconnected and I realized I was in over my head and needed a pro. I asked all of my neighbors, one who quickly said “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10′ pole, you gotta haul out for that!!” I appreciated the honesty, and at least I knew that I did need a professional.

I found a great guy who knows what he’s doing, is punctual, and… well that’s all the matters! He came by tonight to try to change out the valve, but it turns out the hole below the water line isn’t completely plugged. Water just kept draining and draining and draining. We had to re-attach the hoses and when my diver is in town again I will have him with us so that we’ve got both areas covered.

To be continued!