transit of venus

Mentioned in my previous post, I almost went to Transit of Venus for the ride back to the Bay. While I was out at Sea, they had to turn around because they were having issues. I never knew what those issues were, but I was glad I had gotten on a different boat for my first passage.

Within hours of posting my log of the ocean crossing, Ed (who was onboard with me on Knopkierrie) texted me to let me know something happened to Transit of Venus. I checked out the Latitude 38 article he pointed me to. They had to abandon ship in the 625 miles away from the Bay because they hit something! I wonder if it was the same floating dock that Humdinger hit? Who knows. I am glad everyone is safe, as it sounds the TofV crew is on quite the detour.

I remember one evening at the yacht club, sitting down with the crew of Blue Crush and Rapture, an older gentleman came over to the table to ask if anyone was looking for a ride back to the bay. This was when I knew there were problems with Blue Crush but didn’t have the heart to say anything about wanting to jump ship right in front of the crew. Something in my gut just told me that it wasn’t the right boat for me. The crew on Knopkierrie had asked why I didn’t go for Transit of Venus. Everyone at the yacht club in Kaneohe knew they needed crew, but for some reason I pursued other options before going to that boat. I don’t know why I felt that way, I just did. Something in my gut was right, it turns out.