washed up yacht club

There’s an unofficial yacht club here in the Bay Area called the Washed Up Yacht Club. We’re all just a bunch of boaters living in the bay who enjoy a raft up every now and then. It doesn’t get much better than Clipper Cove at Treasure Island! I hadn’t taken Coconut out in a couple of months so she was overdue for a ride out on the water.

My friend Leann came with me, and I’m so glad she did. I’m still trying to get used to having an inboard engine, so I feel like I’m close to being able to mess with the lines and fenders while trying to coast up to a neighboring boat to tie our lines together… but not quite yet. Maybe next time. This months’ raft up was a smaller turn out than I’d seen in previous events, which I preferred. It was still great meeting new people, as well as seeing old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Everyone is always working on boat projects and it’s fun to hear what they’re working on as well as people giving you tips on how to fix problems you’re having yourself.

Do you ever picture something in your mind, like how cute your dogs would look in an inflatable rubber ducky inter tube and get the idea that you want to tow it behind you in a kayak and take a spin and show off how cute you all look and instead end up tipping over while trying to put said dog in said rubber ducky inter tube and end up eating sh*@ (or water in my case) while everyone looks and wonders what all the commotion is? Yes, it happened. Not quite how I imagined it, but whatever. I can now say I have taken a dip in the bay, although completely unintentional! I didn’t get injured, Bear forgave me for getting him wet, and I changed into some dry clothes after Leann was finished laughing her ass off at me. As you can see, all went back to normal fairly quickly.

Here’s some pictures from the raft up. Enjoy 🙂







a new years eve at sea

Yet again, another fantastical time with my sailing buddies. It was mostly impromptu. We had talked about a bike trip up to Point Reyes for a few days, or a sail up that way, but nobody could be gone for that long. I started my new job the next day so all I cared about was being back for my first day. People were still coming back from Christmas vacation with their families, and bam, suddenly there are 6 of us and my dogs on a boat heading out to anchor up with two other boats out at Clipper Cove. The night was a perfect combination of dancing, getting stuck in the mud but still making it to our friends, more dancing, celebrating, fireworks thru the trees, and sleep.

The next morning as we were eating another delicious meal prepared by Captain Geoff, a strong easterly wind came and broke the party up. The boats that were rafted together started to bang a little too close for the rigging’s sake, someone’s anchor came up, and we pretty much broke it up after that. Instead of going back to the marina, because it wasn’t even 10 AM yet, we decided to head for an unusual downwind sail towards the Golden Gate Bridge, thru the Racoon Straits, over towards Richmond and back to The Berk. It was a beautiful day as always!