“who did your wood?”

Oy, my back hurts! I’ve been going going going all day (all weekend actually) and am finally laying down in bed where I belong. I’ve even hunched over for way too long today and my back has had enough.

The positives? Four loads of laundry done and put away, some meals cooked for the week, compost was taken out, dogs got to go to the park AND on a four mile run with me, I got another coat of varnish on the wood I’ve been working on, and I spray painted my companion way hatches (again) and finished it off with a BBQ with the neighbors.

I didn’t get out of bed till around 10 am which is super late for me. I wanted to go for a run but I didn’t want to return to the mess: dirty dishes everywhere and dirty laundry needing to be gathered. I did some cleaning and eventually got going on the rest of the stuff that needed to get done today. Being that the first coat of varnish went on the wood yesterday around noon, in between loads of laundry I sanded and reapplied another coat. Dog hair and dirt is finding its way to the varnish, but I can’t do anything about that now can I?! It must not look that bad because a neighbor asked me at the BBQ who did my wood (varnishing). Awww, yay I’m doing something right! The pics below are the progress from having been sanded to taped off and now with its second coat of varnish. I am hoping to get six coats on there, with annual maintenance of one coat.