sailing vlogs (updated)

I still regularly watch most of the videos mentioned in my previous post. It is so great to see how far many of the creators have come. Sailing La Vagabonde now has a fancy new catamaran and are so popular they’ve hired a videographer to be as close to real time as possible. White Spot Pirates has crossed the Panama Canal after cruising the Caribbean. Delos is still being awesome and inviting crew members on board to share their love for the ocean. Sail Life has purchased a new boat and is restoring that, and Sailing Uma has left the yard in Florida and is now actually cruising the Caribbean!

When I had written the previous post about sailing vlogs, I had just discovered they were a thing. There weren’t too many channels regularly releasing content, and I liked almost all of them. A couple years later, everyone now has a channel and I don’t care for many of them. Mostly because of all the clickbait.

What’s my problem with clickbait? I get it, women in bikinis + dudes watching = lots of views. However, why would you post a title and thumbnail image that isn’t consistent with the actual content of the video? It tells me the content is no good, therefore shouldn’t be watched.

In no particular order, here are a few channels I either didn’t mention or are new and enjoyable.

Couch Sailors: This couple left San Francisco a couple years ago and are now in Tonga (or past it?). They give an honest view of the boredom that can happen at sea, the excitement when they were at anchor with a bunch of other 20-something year olds (which is rare in the cruising world), the troubles of finding of fresh fruit, and ceremonies cruisers must participate in when anchored off remote islands where the tradition is strong. I enjoy their perspective, and attitudes!

Distant Shores: While this couple is cruising around, they are what I’d like to call “tour guides.” They give helpful information about the anchorages and marinas they visit, give historical information about how the land was formed and nearby points of interest. It feels more educational than most cruising videos, and I like their approach.

Cruising LeaLea: This couple is all kinds of adorable, and they got me hooked on their Hawaii to Alaska passage. They posted a video per day, and for me it was the most accurate out there as sometimes it gets boring, or the wind dies and you get hot, etc.

Sail Rite: SailRite is a company sellingĀ canvas and sewing materials, and while I am not patient enough to take on those types of DIY projects they do have a ton of useful how-to videos. Straight to the point, with helpful advice and tips. Their website also has how-to’s, and if you’re looking for anything canvas or sail related, they probably have it.

Boat Works Today: If any boating channel should be removed from Patreon/YouTube for relentless and incessant pandering, it would be his. I (gasp) unsubscribed from his channel because the content has gone so far down in quality. However, if you search YouTube for any kind of gelcoat, fiberglass, or teak decking boat repair, his videos will come up and they are the best out there.