the anchor woman

Ok, down to business we go. My friend Steven helped me assemble my anchor, as I bought the parts and pieces over the past two months but don’t know how to make them one. We watched a YouTube video that showed how to splice the rope to the chain and voila, it’s practically done! Below are pictures showing the progress. All I need is somewhere to hang my anchor from the pulpit (metal railing around the front of the boat, seen in the last picture).

I am almost at my goal of being ale to anchor out in the bay, put up a hammock, and read a book. Single handing is the only thing I need to learn how to do!

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That’s a good idea! This was on my old boat, thought it was a decent post to keep incase anyone else needed to know how to set it up.

I don’t have any rode anymore, just chain. And a windlass that I’m not sure how to use.

If you only have chain now, you might look into making a bridle. It clips into the chain and then ties to cleats on each side of the bow, so that the boat pulls more evenly on the chain and you can add some slack at the bow, so that the chain doesn’t grind and bang all night.

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