This morning, I woke up to the squawk of a seagull. “Ooh!” I thought, “I haven’t heard that sound in a while.”

Then I heard a motor starting up and muffled conversation. “Ooh, someone’s going out on the bay! Wonder who it is?”

I realized I heard the fenders (buoys to keep the boat from knocking into the dock) squishing between the boat and the dock. This sound was always more of a nuisance when trying to get to bed, however after having been out of the water for three weeks I now find it very comforting for some reason.

As I laid in bed I felt the vibration from the mast being blown from the wind. Aah, I sure did miss that! Even just the little movements as I got out of bed. YES! The floor is moving again! I like that.

I got up and got ready to head to the showers. As I was getting ready, I let the dogs out into the cockpit (open area of the boat) to soak up the sun and get the fresh morning breeze. The guys who had started up their motor were taking off for a day of fishing. “What cute dogs you have!” they told me as their boat passed mine.

On my way to the showers I passed my neighbor who had sailed with me yesterday to help me get my boat back to the motherland. He was going sailing and of course one of his friends wanted to pet my baby dogs and we chatted for a little bit before they had to take off.

What a simple life it is here! The marina I was at in Alameda wasn’t like this, and being there made me realize how good I have it here. In a 24 hour period I spoke to more people than I’ve spoken to the past three weeks alone. Lonely, oh so lonely, it was over there. However, I am SOOO glad that all that work is done. My boat is now safe to set sail!  All I have to do is learn what it is I am doing.

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