too much stuff

Rent went up a couple of months ago here. It was all of a $14 increase. Even so, I want to keep my monthly rent below a certain number and this pushed it over the limit. What does that mean? I need to get rid of my $25/mo storage unit. All 2X2 of it. It’s here at the marina so it has been convenient, however, I’m paying $350/year to store stuff I don’t need which just doesn’t make sense. I can see why sailors are simple people because oh my god does it suck not having room for things you actually need!


I haven’t even gone into this unit for anything other than the seldom “crap, where’s my passport?!”, so obviously that means its time to go through it and purge! It’s on the way to the dog park so my rule will be that I can not empty any more contents if I have crap laying out in the boat. Away, I say! I have a box for military stuff, a box for school stuff, a box of photos (seriously!) and another box of memories and junk. Most of my school work is on my laptop, there’s only one form I need to prove I was honorably discharged from the military, I’m sure I can get rid of a lot of those memory items, and we all know there is no room for junk. I’d like to see just how much of this stuff can go away.

Today I sifted through some old clothing and more than half went to the trash. I also grabbed a box of stuff that I’ve been meaning to take into the office. Blank CD’s.. Who uses those anymore? Dimmer switches for the home? Please.


I loaded up the clothes and office supplies onto the dinghy and away we rowed. I’ve already got stuff in a box to take to work and the clothes ready to be washed… So I guess that means I can grab another handful the next time we make it to the doggie park! I hope to completely empty the storage unit by the end of the month. Crossing my fingers!

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