I got some new toys this weekend. I’m starting to build a kennel for Zita, and before you freak out please know that she loves and needs this very much.

Of my new toys, my favorite so far has been the head lamp. I found out its going to rain tomorrow so I was cleaning up the cockpit and dragging the tarp back over. I had rearranged a bit inside this weekend as well, so I had a lot to put away. I grabbed the head lamp and blamo! I was able to reorganize in a matter of minutes! Whoa, why didn’t I get this sooner? I could have been so much more productive in the winter.

I also got calipers, wire cutters, several sizes of screw drivers (all Craftsman of course) and supplies for Zita’s kennel. I’ve reorganized so that I can bring my tools inside for easier access. That way I will have no more excuses for why I can’t get things done.

Let the fun begin!!!


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