unplanned boat work

Tonight I had plans to do some heavy lifting with a neighbor of mine. He could tell I have been dragging my feet when it came to completing my recaulking project. You know, the one I turned my boat around for. I thought I was just going to have him remove the outboard for me so that I could get the rest of the work competed on the weekend.

It turns out he was going to help me remove the nuts and bolts, so out needed to come all my sails, life jackets, dinghy kit, cockpit cushions, etc. so that he could get inside that tiny little space I access said nuts and bolts.


As usual something you think will be simple and a piece of cake turns out to be a sloppy hot mess. Perhaps why one might drag ones feet… Soon I had caulking all over my gloves, pants, tools, dinghy, and I am sure there is some in my hair too. The sun had gone down and neighbors passing by lent us headlamps and flashlights. Such is life! It wasn’t pretty but we got two of the bolts re-caulked.

For now my outboard has been put back on for security reasons (don’t want to leave it lying around unlocked) and I am hoping to get to the other two bolts this weekend. At least I know now what I am up against!

I finished off the evening by making some pesto burgers and sharing a beer with Jimmy who had lent me so much of his time this evening.

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