water tank woes

I’m not going to lie, Coconut has brought me some good old fashioned luck. One of the problems I need to fix before I cast off is making sure the water tanks can hold water. Kindof important! They were only able to hold about 1/2 inch of water and they hold 150 gallons overall. Being that that is a lot of valuable space and water storage, gurl wanted to fix that. I want to be able to do dishes too, without having to refill my water jugs several times a day! While a friend was looking at the boat the other night, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.


There was an open fitting with no hose or valve on it. And yes, the tanks are grody. Lots of rust to clean out. I went to the store and got some (ahem) male plugs. (Getting better with the terminology!) Once home I put those babies on and filled up the water tanks and voila, I found another hole! And another one! And another one! Basically, plugging the holes was only part of the problem, although it was the bigger problem so that’s good. I spent several hours on my hands and knees in all kinds of uncomfortable boat yoga positions, with bruises to prove it, to get the rust out of the tanks and find where the leaks were.


I poked and prodded where rust didn’t seem to be going away (mostly at the seams of the tanks) with a dental pick and I was able to find a few more holes. I evacuated the water by hand into that bucket. The tanks are at least clean now! I saw where the holes were too! After speaking with several people (and a couple of welders) I was told to look for holes on the bottom of the tanks and to patch them with JB Weld and see how that does. The guy was right, the holes were on the bottom and not very big at all, but definitely slow leaks that I don’t want.


Here are both of the gigantic water tanks! One step closer to Bon Voyage! I still have one leak in tank #1, but tank #2 is currently full with 75 gallons of water!!!!! It took about an hour to fill up. Gurl has water.. once I hook it up to the faucet I mean! So close.


Now the boat is tilted, and I thought I’d evened out that tilt with that 300′ of chain I recently added.


I did get lazy (and I was very sore) so where the leak is I didn’t bother trying to get rid of the rust. Obvi I missed something. I’ve hooked up the faucet and woohoo I have running water!!! That’s a first for 2. 5 years of boat living! Now I’m going to take a vacation. Happy Fourth!

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