pre-on a boat

How did I, someone who is pegged as “high maintenance”, end up on a boat? First of all, I’m really pretty simple. As long as I have my dogs with me, a permanent and safe place to live, along with some income, I’m happy.

Things I hated about land life in San Francisco:

  • There was no way to bring two dogs into an already dog-friendly house. As much fun as living with 8 strangers sounds…
  • 75%+ of my monthly income went towards rent, leaving important things like food to be put on my credit card
  • I wouldn’t ever be able to afford visiting friends and family out of state.
  • I wouldn’t ever be able to pay down my debt (it would only increase, even though I wasn’t doing anything!)
  • I’d have an hour commute (at least) one way, costing a couple hundred dollars a month, for someplace cheaper. Some place cheaper would be $100 less, so that would actually add $100 to the SF rent price. There is no such thing as a good deal here.

All of those items were taking away from my basic joys of life. They were robbing me of my utmost happiness. The photo below is from the one and only time I ever went out in San Francisco. Four years later, people still assume I’m not a boat person. The only superficial difference between that photo and now (four years later) is that I don’t straighten my hair or wear bronzer and eyeliner anymore. On the inside, a lot has changed and it’s been nothing but good things.


Personally, I think it’s nuts to live outside of your means in a city that requires a six figure income to enjoy. I couldn’t join them, so I beat them. Life on the water is far better than life on land 🙂




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