Spazita, born April 17, 2006. If you’ve already read Bear’s page, you’ll know I got her when she was 6 months old. She was the last of the litter (go figure!). She came to me a very weird girl. Spastic, unaware of how to interact with other dogs and humans. She spun, she barked, she pooped, she peed, she often had no idea why she was doing these things at the wrong time. 

Zita for short, it really took me a long time to come around on her. She’s just a bundle of anxiety that was tough to deal with at times. She did NOT like moving apartments, so in a way boat life was great because we only moved our belongings once in 10 years. Her environment and safe space stayed the same, even though the backyard changed often. 

I tell her all the time if she was nice like Bear, she’d actually have friends. Joke’s on us, she doesn’t want any friends! She’s never cared for many people, your only purpose in her life is if you’ll give her food or not. If not, BYE! She’s full of charm, this one. She’s unapologetic and ornery, and oh so funny in the process. 

I was excited to see she enjoyed sailing, in fact our first sail on our boat she hopped up onto of the companion way hatch and kept a nice lookout for us. She loves to stick her head into portholes, as if she’s discovered something nobody else has. She’s the perfect height to fit her head in and investigate. 

At some point she promoted herself to Head of Security. She took her job of protecting me against seagulls and dock neighbors very seriously, doing rounds on board if I was up on the deck working on a project. The complete opposite of Bear, but that’s what made them such a funny pair. Despite Zita’s weirdness, Bear loved his little lady to pieces. She certainly taught me how to love, that accepting imperfections are essential to loving someone. 

She’s more “along for the ride” as she’s not been able to go on long walks since her hip surgery when she was 9. She still is plenty bounce, it’s more her mind that needs to be worn out these days. She can’t see very well and can’t hear very well either, but she’s still curious and annoying so I know she’s doing alright. 

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