I’m a big believer in just letting things happen rather than trying to force it. If it’s meant to be, it will work out. If not, just let it go and move on. That way when the right opportunity comes up not only do you know it, but it’s effortless. This boat search has felt a lot like online dating, to be honest. Weird comparison, but hear me out!

The ad makes the boat look great. All polished, new wood with lots of character. “Wow, I’ve GOT to check this one out!” I think. “HEY (insert friend who might be around that day) come check this boat out with me!” You get all excited wondering if this boat is going to become more familiar to you or not. Disappointment sets in as we walk up to the vessel. You can see it’s tattered canvas, the algae on the deck, the sad state of the running and standing rigging that the ad claimed was brand new.

It doesn’t hurt to look at boats and to talk to the owners regardless (if they even are the owners!) Those photos in the ad were obviously dated, and like with dating, that handsome and active man I thought I was going to meet ended up being an out of shape dud. A friend who had also scouted Craigslist during his boat search said “it’s always the same boats that are for sale, I don’t know why people won’t just lower the price to sell the boat.” It’s funny because it’s just like online dating! I’d go on a few dates, end up being disappointed, would cancel my account. I’d give it another go a year later only to see the same guys still on the site! If only they lowered their standards! 😉

With that, I’ve been talking to as many people as I can about my boat search. Every week I physically look at at least two boats and search the web for plenty more. One day this past week I’d had a really busy day after work, for some reason I just kept running into people I knew and hadn’t seen in a while. Like 10 of them. And then there was a going away party. Of course I saw even more people there I hadn’t seen in a while. I gave them my whole “I’m looking for another boat, I’m going crazy on this tiny little thing!” spiel.

I didn’t think much of it until I got a text the next morning from a diver named Jack. I didn’t see Jack, but someone I was ranting to did. He had been trying to sell a boat for a client of his for over a year. The price had just been lowered to a killer deal, and I was the first to find out about it. I looked at the ad, thought the boat was beautiful, and professed on Facebook about how awesome and too-large-for-me it was. Someone quickly started drooling over it. Then everyone else started drooling over it…….Was I passing up a good opportunity?

A little bit of a back story, the previous weekend I had been in SoCal visiting friends. Lucky me, I’d recently met a fellow who had just sailed his boat down to SoCal. I got in touch with him and it turns out he wasn’t too far from me. AND, he wanted to take me sailing. UH, OKAY! Did he tell me what kind of boat he had? I’m sure he did. I hadn’t heard of it, so it went in one ear and out the other. It was a double ender center cockpit around 34′. It had a really neat layout and felt like a 40’er. I really love double enders, and I love center cockpit layouts below so it was cool to see the two combined. My friend had gotten his for a really great price from his neighbors in Hawaii. He’s sailed it from Hawaii to SF, and from SF to LA and absolutely loves it.

When I started to question if I was passing up a good opportunity or not, I looked at the Craigslist ad again. WAIT! Double ender center cockpit! 35′! I texted my friend and asked if he had a Fantasia 35′ and he said yes. So I was basically being offered the same boat he had at half the price he got his for. By the time I realized this, it was a little late. The guy who was taking interest in it (Sorry Adam!) had asked several people on a FB page about it and I chimed in that I was going to look at it that evening. “Can we come?!” they asked. “Of course!” I said… realizing later that might not have been the best answer so long as these other people are just going to look rather than purchase.

I’m glad they all came, though. It’s always good to bring another set of eyes. It ended up being 6 people total viewing this beauty. I admit, she’s got a lot of work that she needs. She’d be so much more comfortable to live on. I’d get my sanity back! And I’d be able to cook again! And I’d be able to find stuff and store stuff and not have to deal with having to stuff things in bags and dropping them into an awkward open box. This boat has drawers, you guys. Drawers everywhere! And cabinets, with SHELVES! And a work room for storage of tools (ok, that’s not the most exciting part for me, but it’s still really cool)! I can’t pass this up.

As of next week, if everything goes well I’ll be the new owner of s/v Coconut! 

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