early (or late?) rain

It rained on Saturday. A lot. The 10% chance of sprinkles turned out to be a 2 hour torrential downpour. I had friends in town and it of course not only forced us to find other activities (everything is happening outdoors this time of year!) but it gave me a quick glimpse into what I need to re-bed. Leaks were present! Perhaps it’s always been covered by my tarp in the winters? Not sure, but there were two things in particular that were letting in quite a bit of rain. No bueno, but glad I know now before it starts raining every day and never dries up long enough for me to re-bed said leak. I’ll add that to my to-do-list!

While we rearranged plans and tried to get some sight seeing in, we came across America’s Cup Village and took a look around. Very swanky, I must say! We were about to check out the race, but due to weather it had to be postponed until the following day.




america’s cup race day

It’s just past lunch time here at the office and the Americas Cup race just started. I think the US is still at a -1 from their penalties, so with New Zealand’s wins they are ahead by 4. I could be totally wrong on that. Actually, I probably am wrong. I just know that the US really needs to win, and so far they’re not. They just lost the first race of today, we’ll see how they do forte second.

Here we are, enjoying this from the office TV. Most of us have no clue what’s going on. There are a few sailors in the office helping explain all of this stuff. It’s pretty interesting. I could even see the 13 story main sails from the office! There monsters.