weirdo neighbors

So, a lot of people would agree that amongst the liveaboards in any marina it is sure to be a collection of “interesting folk”.

When I first moved to this dock, my only other official liveaboard neighbor asked if I had met the creepy guy next to me. “You know, he’s got the cameras set up in his windows?”

Say what?! There’s someone living next to me and may be spying on me and I haven’t seen him once?! To date, I’ve been at this spot for about 6 months and I have seen him two times, either going to or leaving the boat. Both times he didn’t even look at me. Both times I thought to myself “there’s no way he’s actually living there, I would surely see him more often right?

Wrong. Today, this man is doing some boat work and the only way I know that is because

1. His saw is protruding from the tarp as he was sawing away, and

2. I can hear him drilling all sorts of things in the cockpit

It is so odd to me that people like this exist. I never thought of myself as a super social being, but I think.. wait.. I KNOW I would go nuts being trapped in a boat for weeks at a time with no social interaction.

So far, he’s taken the camera that faces my boat down and he hasn’t bothered me so I might as well just keep pretending that I don’t know he’s there.

At my last dock, I saw a couple of guys doing the same as this guy: coming and going without uttering a word, disappearing into their boat to quickly be forgotten about until seenĀ again. They weren’t right next to me, and they didn’t have cameras in their windows, (or did they?!?!) but whatever, so I’ve got some weirdo neighbors. There’s still plenty of cool people here.