sykes springs, big sur

I’ve been wanting to explore the Bay Area more, so when I had a week with no plans I did just that. I stuffed my military duffel bag to the limit, put more stuff in my backpack and carried that on my front, grabbed the doggies, got some hiking boots, had my new camera slung around my neck, and we went out trekking! Did I try out how hard it was going to be carrying all that weight? No… Did I wear in the hiking boots? Nope… “It’s going to be fiiinne” I told myself. I really just wanted to see some hot springs in the backcountry.

“When we passed you on the trail, we thought, ‘man, she’s got a LOT of stuff she’s carrying!'” said these two Swiss guys I’d passed on the trail and later saw at the campsite. It was too much stuff. Lesson learned. By the third day my back was developing Stockholms syndrome.


If you’re wondering, Bear and Zita did great! Bear was always ahead of me scoping things out on the trail. He would stop as he got to a bend in the trail so far ahead of me and would turn around and give me the “hey lady, are you coming?” look. Sometimes Zita would look back as well, and if I stopped, both gave me that look.


Zita had been right behind Bear for the majority of the hike, but for some reason on the hike back she was acting up (barking at everyone we approached). I would apologize and acknowledge her psycho-nature, they’d laugh and say “oh she’s not scary”. Eeeh. Wait until she’s traumatized an innocent 3 year old, or a grown man for that matter. I never know how people are going to react to Zita’s outbursts, so I’d rather just keep her in check in the first place. After her tantrums, she stayed behind me and didn’t make a peep after that. Phew!! She, the one with the little legs, was getting tired easily though. We stopped several times to take breaks, drink water, and eat snacks and she seemed to be putting up with it just fine. By the end of the 20 mile three day trek they were pooped, and really really dirty! That always means happy dogs.


It really was beautiful though, and it was a good first backpacking trip! I brought the manual for my new camera with me and played around a little bit with the settings and options. Now I can finally say I’ve not only gone backpacking, and that I’ve been to natural hot springs! Check and check. Because I now have a nice camera, I’m kind of thinking I’m some sort of photographer, too… Check.

OK- here are some more pics!